About the Author

I’m Alicia Zakon – author, teacher, and emerging entrepreneur from Berkeley, California.


I am a truth-seeker.  My memoir Laundry & Love Notes is about my quest to find the truth about myself.  For too long, my low self-worth tricked me into believing I wasn’t talented enough, attractive enough, or worthy of healthy relationships.  These lies were rooted in my childhood experiences and traumas: verbal/physical abuse between parents, the absence of my father during my preteen years, and growing up in poverty.  But while my circumstances made it difficult to build self-confidence, my low self-worth is what gave me the burning passion to uncover my true power and share the journey with others.

I am a fear-fighter.  I fight fears because they stand in the way of truth.  What-if-I-think-I’m-awesome-but-I’m disillusioned?  What-if-I-fail-and-everyone-laughs? What-if-I-ask-and-the-answer-is-no? All genuine.  A valid concerns.  But all excuses.  As I learn to confront my fears, I see how they dissipate as I draw near to them. And with each fear conquered, an unbreakable part of me is revealed.

I am a dream-chaser.  Blame it on my hippie hometown upbringing, I guess.  But I just want to live a life that is meaningful, inspiring, and that gives back to the world.  I want to understand what it looks like to support myself with my art.  I want a chance at living out my full potential.  So I’m on a quest to make it happen.

Here’s how truth-seeking, fear-fighting, and dream-chasing connect.  When a dream is strong enough, it compels you to leave your comfort zone and become a fear-fighter.  Without a dream, there is no incentive to face the things that make you afraid.  On the other side of your fear is the truth about who you really are.  And once you know your truth, well . . . you are free.  You are unstoppable.

Here’s to being boundless. Here’s to finding the infinite inside of you.

Alicia Zakon is a poet/educator from Berkeley, CA.  A California credentialed teacher, she has worked with upwards of 1,000 students in public schools in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, including her alma mater Berkeley High School.  Alicia developed her poetry craft as a participant in Youth Speaks, as a student teacher in June Jordan’s Poetry for the People at UC Berkeley, and in poetry courses the University of West Indies, Barbados.  She has performed internationally and has been featured on NPR Radio and Ise Lyfe’s album Spread the Word.  

Laundry & Love Notes: a poetic memoir is Zakon’s debut book.  She is passionate about speaking her truth and inspiring other young women to pen their own stories.