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WATCH THE TRAILER – Directed by Will Utley, Los Angeles (2012)


LAUNDRY & LOVE NOTES is a collection of poems Alicia Zakon wrote between ages 10 and 25.  In high school and college, Alicia is naive about love– she changes herself to impress guys, chases Mr. Wrongs, and makes dating decisions she knows are unhealthy for her.  Through poetry, she develops a deeper relationship with herself and discovers an inner resilience that steers her away from regret and brings her toward optimism, self-love, and peace.

Laundry & Love Notes will inspire you to seek out the truth in your own life, and experience the freedom that comes with airing your dirty laundry.

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  • Dating Relationships
  • Father/Daughter Relationships
  • Self-Esteem/Self-Worth
  • Faith & Spirituality
  • Multiractial/Biracial Identity


Chinaka Hodge, Author For Girls With Hips

Just as washing ones clothes is a ritual and a cleansing, the poems contained within this volume do the same work of purification. Cathartic for both author and reader, this poetic memoir serves as a rite of passage for all involved: the writer, her lovers, and you.

Ise Lyfe, Spoken Word Hip-Hop Theater Artist

Genuine and relatable… Alicia Zakon expresses the pain that only those of us brave enough to love hard ever really experience.

Adriel Luis, Founder of iLL-Literacy, Writer for

The chronological order of the work creates a true sense that this is a memoir – but it’s more genuine than that.  It’s a collection of pieces that were written at the moment they happened.  We don’t just hear about her childhood, we experience it with her.