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From March 19 – May 3, 2014 Alicia Zakon taught 15 free poetry/self-development workshops to groups of young women across the US. Drawing upon topics from Laundry & Love Notes: a poetic memoir, the workshop combined spoken word performance, interactive discussion, and writing exercises to guide young women down their own paths of self-discovery through creative writing. 

Want to bring the Laundry & Love Notes workshop to your group?  CONTACT US for more details.


1.   A reading from Laundry & Love Notes + a talk about my journey to womanhood  & the transformative/therapeutic power of poetry
2.   Group discussion:

–  What is self-esteem and why it all starts with you
–  Building self-worth: the whys and hows
–  Identifying what we love about ourselves
3.   Writing Exercise: Self-Affirmation Poem
4.   Poet’s Circle



Note: some aspects of the workshop are flexible in order to accommodate the specific needs of your group.

WHO: young women ages 14-22
WHEN: March 19 – May 3 (see Tour Itinerary below)
GROUP SIZE: between 10 – 30
LENGTH OF WORKSHOP: 60 – 90 mins
COST: FREE (suggested donation $125 – $500)
HOST SITE PROVIDES:  A/V set-up  |  whiteboard or poster paper  |  paper/pens



Mar 14  Berkeley, CA
Mar 19  Shasta, CA
Mar 20-21  Eugene, OR
Mar 23-25  Seattle
Mar 27-30  Chicago
Apr 1-2 Boston
Apr 3-9 New York
Apr 10-12 Philadelphia
Apr 13-15  Washington D.C.
Apr 17-19 Atlanta
Apr 20-22 New Orleans
Apr 24-26  Austin
Apr 27-28  Phoenix
Apr 30 San Diego
May 1 Los Angeles


“Poetry is a powerful tool for self-exploration.  It helps you uncover the strength that you already possess within. When you can access that inner strength, you become fully able to articulate and work toward your passions—something I want all young women to feel empowered to do.”  –Alicia Zakon